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Racer Profiles - Arnie Kunka

Number: 27
Make model: 2007 Monte Carlo
Street Stock Best Appearing Car and Crew: '96, '97, '98, '02, '07, '08
Street Stock Most Supportive Driver: 1999, 2002
Prostock Most Supportive Driver: 2000 and 2001
Prostock Most Sportsman Like Driver: 2001 and 2002
TMS Steet Stock Champion: 1997 and 2002
Street Stock Tri City Champion: 2002
Wescar (ARCA WEST) Champion: 2005
TMS Street Stock Rookie of the Year: 1997
Crew Chief: Marvin Severson
Jack of All Trades: Thomas McBride and Donny Kunka
Sponsors: Don Kunka Logging; The Hobbit House; WFO Contracting
Bio:  I was president of Thunder Mountain Speedway for 3 years and have been involved in racing at some level for 30 years.  There have been many memorable moments - like having my father-in-law with us for almost every race has really been something special, and winning top points with Wescar in 2005!
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