Thunder Mountain Speedway


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February 2011


·                     Any 1980 or newer uni-body cars allowed, 4 or 6 cylinder only. Tempos, Mustangs, BMWs, Daytonas, K-cars, Dodge 500's, Grand am's, Grand Prixs etc. NO FULL FRAME cars allowed( if not sure please call Marius at 250-989-1172 or Bob at 250-398-8343 before building )

·                     Anything flammable in the interior must be removed except the drivers seat and padding (DASH MAY STAY IN). If dash removed  you must add a dash bar minimum 2" x 3/16" pipe with flanges at both ends and mounted with adequate bolts , washers & plates. All windows must be removed with the exception of the front windshield. All lights, grill (if plastic or fiberglass), wipers, loose trim and outside mirrors are to be removed.

·                     Windshield bar must be at least two (2) inches in width. If no windshield you must have screen extending more than half way across the opening.

·                     Must pad the steering column. You can use turnkey ignition or toggle switch start.

·                     If electronic fuel pump you must put an "E" on the roof sign and must have a shut off button or switch mounted on the drivers upright.

·                     Must have drivers door and upright padded. Must have drivers upright behind seat bolted in roof and floor with 4- half inch 1/2 inch or bigger bolts. Upright is to be a minimum 3" x 3/16" pipe. Upright must be flanged with a minimum 6" x 6" x 3/16" steel plate and bolted to the floor and the roof.

·                     Any cars with sunroofs must have the opening covered with tin or equivalent sheet metal with a minimum of 4 bolts or use a properly mounted window net.

·                     Cross bar is to be a minimum 2" x 3/16" pipe from drivers door to passenger door with adequate bolts, plates and washers. Doors must be chained or bolted. (NOT WELDED) Drivers seat must be bolted solid or left in original place. No bench seats permitted.

·                     All Drivers must wear a Snell 95 or newer helmet (Snell 2000 is recommended). Goggles or a face shield must be worn. Neck braces are recommended. Belts cannot be older than 10 years and must have SFI tag on them, so we can tell what year they were made. If no tag, they will be considered too old and must be replaced. Window net must be bolted on tight in the drivers window with a quick release seat belt or tech approved fastener . If it falls down your out, no exceptions.

·                     Battery box must be bolted solid with 4- 1/2 inch bolts or bigger on passenger floor. NO plastic marine boxes allowed, must be wood or metal with foam inside and lid closed with a metal strap or seatbelt holding the battery down.

·                    Gas box must be in back seat bolted solid with 4 1/2 inch bolts or bigger (NO Plastic boxes allowed such as coolers) and must have a drain hole under box.

·                     Minimum 8 inch Chanel iron, box steel or I beam door bar on drivers side. Door bar cannot go inside wheel wells.  ( Passenger door bar optional )

·                     NO pinning of body mounts allowed

·                     Must chain bumpers solid enough to not fall off. NO pinning or welding allowed.

·                     Hood can have a maximum 4 hood pins with a maximum of 1" ready rod or bolt. Hood latch must be removed so it can be opened in case of fire. Hood hinges must remain attached.

·                     MUST have 2- 4" by 6" holes in hood (or larger) above exhaust manifold(s) in case of fire.

·                     NO   welding allowed on bumper shocks or replacing shocks with square tubing (must be stock bumpers and shocks)

·                     Trunk or hatch MUST be chained closed and trunk lid must remain in stock position. 

·                     Trunk may be pre-kinked so it will go up instead of down but no cutting or bending of the frame allowed.

·                     NO welding allowed on vehicle anywhere!! (including doors)

·                     Trailer balls or hitches must be removed.

·                     Replacing stock shifter with a floor shifter is optional, but recommended.

·                     Hand throttle cable may be installed.

·                     Original gas tanks MUST be removed.

·                     Locking rear ends may be done.

·                     Roof sign must be at least 2' by 2' and must be black numbers on white background if not able to read you will not be counted. No massive signs that go from front to back.

·                     Must paint cars in pretty colors. It’s a show for the fans so just having original paint or plain white is not adequate. Please be creative. No black cars allowed as they can’t be seen.

·                     NO forklift or trailer tires allowed. NO valve steam blockers allowed.  Snow or truck tires are allowed but NO studs in them. All tires will be checked after the event so NO exceptions.

·                     Expansion tanks may be put in place of radiator but must be secured solid.

·                     Must have white flag so we know you’re ok if your car is dead.

·                     2 min time limit from last hit.

·                     2 fire limit.



Any questions please call Marius at 250-989-1172

or Bob at 250-398-8343





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